Consumption 14 May 2024

William Rees


William (Bill) Rees has updated us on his latest work, several papers “that review the eco-footprint and describe why I am arguing that the current global focus on climate change — a dire concern — is nevertheless a distraction from its cause, the meta-problem of ecological overshoot.”
The papers can be viewed directly here, as well as from their source journal websites:

Ecological Footprint Accounting at 30 (Rees and Wackernagel 2023).pdf

Eco-predicament Overshoot… (Vienna 2022).pdf

Cognitive obsolescence and population (Rees 2023).pdf

Overshoot and Pop Correction (Rees 2023)

I look forward very much to reading them and commenting further on what I am sure will be vital contributions to understanding our current predicament.

Thank you again, Bill, for your kind words of support for T10 and for your invaluable overview.

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