Act for the Environment 14 May 2024

Libby Robin


Libby Robin wrote the insightful book ‘Defending the Little Desert’ (in Victoria, Australia), about the struggle to protect this highly diverse semi-arid area of ~150,000 ha in the late 1960s and early 1970s (T10 Section 4.6). With the book published in 1998 it is hard to obtain copies, so it was most helpful of Libby to alert us to its availability through the Rachel Carson Center (in Munich):

She also let us know that she is greatly enjoying writing and talking about her current book ‘What Birdo is that?’, that can be found here:

In addition, she also let us know that she is “currently working on a book about conservative idealists who worked in conservation – including some of the Little Desert stalwarts – but coming right up to the present philanthropists and private foundations running nature reserves. It is mostly Australian – I should finish it mid 2025, so probably not out till 2026.” Most interesting and we look forward to reading it and making it available when it comes out.

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