General 14 May 2024

Feedback on T10


“I am impressed with the amount of work you have invested…Congratulations on making all that information widely available!”

Dennis Meadows

Scientist, Emeritus Professor, co-author of ‘The Limits to Growth’ and ‘The Limits to Growth: 30-year Update’



“ is a valuable resource for any explorer of the human prospect…Thanks again for your excellent web-site.”

William Rees

Emeritus Professor, population ecologist, originator and co-developer of Ecological Footprint Analysis



“(T10) is fun and instructive to explore. I wish you all the best with your efforts!”

Richard Heinberg

Senior Fellow Post Carbon Institute, author of 14 books on energy, the economy and power


“It is lovely to read a beautifully written and so considered passage about my practice…Great site! Excellent content.”

Anna-Wili Highfield

Artist and sculptor in paper and brass. Works are held in collections around the world and have featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times



“Thanks so much for including my book in your wonderful website. I’m so glad to hear the book resonates with you.”

Brian Payton

American-Canadian fiction and non-fiction author of numerous books, essays and articles, including ‘In Bear Country’, and the Seattle Times and Bookpage Best Book of the Year – ‘The Wind is Not a River’



“Congratulations on Thylacine 10, into which you’ve put a mighty effort and a lot of thought. Impressive and intelligently put together. I expect the website represents a life time of reading and thinking.”

William Lines

Australian conservationist and author of books including ‘Taming the Great South Land’, ‘A Long Walk in the Bush’, and most recently, ‘Romancing the Primitive’



“You have created a powerful document with your website, I shall spread the word. It rings many bells loudly and clearly and should be read by all, especially those in positions of power and influence.”

Roger Swainston

Australian painter, naturalist and zoologist. One of the most recognised artists of fish and the underwater world



“You have created an amazing website that is so rich and nuanced.”

Debbie Symons

Multi-disciplinary artist exploring humanity’s complicated relationship with the natural environment. Work includes video and paintings and she has exhibited around the world, for example in Paris and New York for the COP 21 Earth Summit, and in the Amazon at Manaus



“T10 is a beautiful website and I’m honoured to be included in the section on Music”.

Andrew Schultz

Andrew Schultz is an acclaimed classical composer, Professor of Music at the University of New South Wales, formerly Professor of Composition and Dean of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong and before that, Head of Composition and Music Studies, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London. Awards received include the Schueler Award (2008), the Paul Lowin Prize (2009).



Thank you for your wonderful, supportive feedback. From across the world, from the Arts and Sciences, from individuals and groups, the response has been as warm as it has been encouraging.

When T10 went live just before Christmas 2023, I was unsure how it would be received so eclectic is its range and so difficult is it to pigeonhole. Despite this, people have responded to its recognition of Nature and its placement of the natural world at the centre of its deliberations, as well as the delight and wonder it brings to our perception of the wild, running alongside rational dissection of what problems it faces and how we are to care for it. In similar vein, others have liked its honesty and preparedness to say ‘if we genuinely want a world of rhinos, redwoods, and reefs, then this is what we have to do’.

Many respondents have commented not only about the written content of the site, but also about its look and its numerous images. We have the web designers Jiffiweb (now Loop) to thank for much of this as they rescued a flailing creator from despair in trying to convert a large (550+ pages!) Word document into a dynamic, and arresting, website. For over 18 months I tried in vain to get web designers to take it on, but it was either too complicated, too hard to understand, or too lacking in commercial returns to be of interest to them. Thankfully, just as I was about to give up, I found Jiffiweb, who not only signed on for the work, they adopted it as their own and insisted that it be fully presented, alongside arresting images, rather than be a dry catalogue of endless pdfs. Many thanks Megan and Nathaniel and Jiffiweb.

Some respondents have asked me questions about T10’s creation, how long it took, why I wrote it and collected so many items, etc…This is not as easily answered as it seems and I am reminded of author Bill Lines answer to me when I asked him how long it took him to write a certain book and he – slightly cheekily, but honestly – said, “50 years and one year”. The 50 years was for the thinking and the one year was for the writing. T10 has been a bit like that. I have been fascinated by the natural world since I was a little boy and it has been a central part of my life ever since, but the actual writing and curating of items took place in and around the Covid years of 2020-2021 and probably took three-four years all up, with another 18 months-two years for creation of the website. Unavoidably, this means some items and links are out of date already, but now the site is up and running, I will endeavour to keep matters as up-to-date as possible and the blog (‘News’ section) gives me the opportunity to do so most readily and there are a number of updates that have come in already from authors, artists and researchers that I will be pleased to list following.

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