Nature-Human Relationship 14 May 2024

Debbie Symons


Debbie Symons is the creator of the spectacular World Species Market ‘stock exchange’ highlighted in Section 1.2.3. I watched it, rooted to the spot, at dusk in Melbourne’s Federation Square over a decade ago and have never forgotten it.

It is most pleasing to note that Debbie has been busy since, creating numerous works that explore the Nature-human relationship, just as Section 1 of T10 does. One of her most fascinating projects is called Sing and was developed while on residency in Brazil (Sing, 2020-21 – Debbie Symons). As Debbie describes it: “Sing is an outcome of my recent international Labverde residency in Manaus, State of Amazonia, Brazil. The Labverde program is designed to develop innovative studies in the cultural field in conjunction with a team of specialists in arts, humanities, biology, ecology and natural science. It was a remarkable experience, and the resulting installation fulfils the program’s aims to promote aesthetic and poetic expressions that boost a conscious relationship between humankind and nature.”

Sing comprises 100 pendant nests, like weaver-bird nests, each with hidden speakers inside that play recorded bird songs (see image above). Fascinating.

Currently Debbie is painting portraits of taxidermied species housed with Melbourne Museum. There is something stilled and poignant about skins and stuffed specimens that I find hard to explain, but I am sure that Debbie’s portraits will capture this and more.

To catch up with all of Debbie Symons’ work, and news, go to:

Works – Debbie Symons

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Nature-Human Relationship 14 May 2024

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